Luca Asta is a French-Italian visual artist and filmmaker living and working in London/Paris. They graduated in 2019 in ‘Contemporary Art Practice, Moving Image’ at the Royal College of Art, with a practice of video, photography, sculpture, writing and performance. Their practice plays around belief systems from Christianity to Capitalism to Cinema, and their impact in the construction on one’s psychosocial identity, with a specific interest in structural and internalised oppressions. They are actively engaged in dismantling binary and heteronormative oppressions through intimate and confrontational works.


2016 - 2019 Royal College of Art, Contemporary Art Practice, London, United Kingdom

2014 - 2016 Gerrit Rietveld Academie, Fine Arts department, Amsterdam, The Netherlands

2012 - 2014 École Nationale Supérieure des Beaux-Arts de Lyon, France

2011 - 2012 Les Arcades, public foundation year in Art, Issy-les-Moulineaux, France


05/2022 WeExist x The Koppel Project residency, London, UK

11/2020-02/2020 WeExist x The Koppel Project residency, London, UK
2019 - 2020 Conditions Studio Program, Resident Artist, Croydon, UK

04/2015 European Exchange Academy - Nordisk Kunstnarsenter Dale, Dale i Sunnfjord, Norway

06/2013 Arte Creative program for Marseille Provence culturelle, Marseille, France


27/05 - 12/06/2022 WeExist, group show, The Koppel Project, London, UK

11/2021 ‘Conqueer’, group show, Strange Brew, Bristol, UK

09/2021 Conditions, group show, Whitgift Centre, London, UK

04/2021 ’Queering Communities of Care’, online exhibition hosted by Duke University,
  Durham, North Carolina, US

09/2020 ‘Intimité toi-même!’, group show, Le Houloc, Aubervilliers, France

03/2020 ‘Queer Art(ists) Now’, group show (part of And What? Queer Arts Festival), Rose
  Lipman Building, London, UK

08/11/2019 'Disorder live art', group show, Ugly Duck, London, UK

10/2019 'To whom the flesh / My flesh / Still connects me', exhibition and performance
  event, The Poetry Society, ArtLicks Weekend, London, UK

07/2019 Degree Show, Royal College of Art, London, UK

21/05/2019 'Reaching for the Horizon II', zine launch and performance event, Dyson gallery,
  London, UK

05/2019 'Lay with me', group show, Dyson gallery, London, UK

26/04/2019 'Togetherness', group show, Assembly Point, London, UK

08/03/2019 ‘CAPbaret’, performance event, RCA Gorvy theatre, London, UK

01/03/2019 'Reaching for the Horizon', zine launch and performance event, Courtyard gallery,
  London, UK

02/11/2018 'Queer Salon', group show, Arch 17, London, UK

01/2018 'WIP Show', group show, Royal College of Art, London, UK

08/2016 'Best of Graduates 2016', group show, Ron Mandos gallery, Amsterdam,
  The Netherlands

07/2016 Graduation Show, Gerrit Rietveld Academy, Amsterdam, The Netherlands

06/2016 ‘The Syncopated Dialectics of Words and Things’, group show, Rietveld Glass
  Pavillion, Amsterdam, The Netherlands

02/2016 'I miss you forever and ever Norway xoxo’, group show, Patrick Studios, Leeds, UK

04/2015 EEA, group show, Nordisk Kunstnarsenter Dale, Dale i Sunnfjord, Norway

03/2015 Uncut, group show, Vlaams Cultuurhuis de Brakke Grond, Amsterdam,
  The Netherlands

03/2015 'No talent no problem', group show, Generaal Vetterstraat 66, Amsterdam,
  The Netherlands


31/03-3/04/22 Toronto Queer Film Festival, Toronto, Canada

01-10/04/22 Geelong Pride Film Festival, Geelong, Australia

14/01/2022 London Short Film Festival, London, UK

01/12/2021 Les Mains Gauches Queer Feminist Short Movies, Marseilles, France

09/11/2021 Fringe! Queer Film & Arts Festival, London UK

25/09/2021 Queer Borders Film Festival, Hawick, UK

08/09/2021 The Palace International Film Festival, Bristol, UK

27/02/2021 ‘Trans* Day of Joy’, Fringe! Queer Film & Arts Festival, London, UK

20/02/2021 Tag! Queer Shorts Festival!, Portland, Oregon, US

11/10/2018 'El Tiempo de los Hiperobjetos', screening event, Espacio El Dorado, Bogotá, Colombia
17/05/2018  'Soapbox', screening event, Close-Up Cinema, London, UK

19/02/2018  'Porn/Porn', screening event, RCA Artbar, London, UK

14/10/2016  'An Evening with Robert Glück', screening event, Perdu, Amsterdam, The Netherlands


2021 DYCP Arts Council England

2020 CEZ Creative Practitioners Fund

2016 Ron Mandos gallery Young Blood Award